Thursday, February 24, 2011

The perfect model

Thanks Slurper for this video he really looks amazing :)

perfect model

homecam-hungboy sean1

And since mark loves Queen so much (so do I by the way) here's freddie performing his last video clip, clearly sick but still with full power till the very end:


Monday, February 21, 2011

Hotties all over :)

I love it when 3 straight guys have sex for money :P

3 hot straight guys having sex

I do not know what i love more about this guy, his teeth or his dick :)

smiling on cam and more

Hey have you ever seen the rain?

This boy got one hot sexy ass :P

like my ass?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Sogayboy has many hotties this week :P

Just check out these vids:

Biboys having fun on msn

impressive cock on this guy!

jerking in school

self close up

straight in cam


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some random hotness and fun :P

Lets start with something funny. I have seen this clip like 100 times:

The uploader called this "skinny guy cumming" I don't think he's that skinny, he looks kinda hot 2 me :P

skinny guy cumming

It's true what they say about black dudes :P just look at this guy:

Basketball player flashes

But this white blond boy has a nice candy stick for you also:

cute blond twinkboy

Let's look at some abs:


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMG he's back :P

Castiel uploaded some hot vids from my archives today and I just have to use one of them here. I also see that Cas has upgraded his entire blog again. OMG it looks like a pro site now nice work Castiel. You should go check it out CLICK HERE

Here's the video i was talking about, I know many of you loved this New York Hottie:

Hot New york boy

Look what my old friend Verrac uploaded 60 days ago... and i never seen it :O

chatroulette boy wanking

I love Cody Cachet.. :P I don't know what it is about him :) Could it be the 9 inch dick?

Cody Cachet webcam

His Dick is like a magic stick :) Talking about magic here's Queen:


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Check out this Big Dick Turkish Hottie

He celebrated his 18th birthday just a week ago :P and today he's wanking on omegle for all of you guys to see... The finish was on msn so we could see his cum better :P

Turkish boy cums on msn

For more videos of hot guys wanking on cams check out my friend on Chat Wankers.

3 boys having fun on sharethatboy :O check it out below:

I love it when a guy shoots it in his own mouth :) just like this boy below:

There is this band called The Ark, and i've known about them for about 2 to 3 years now. I've always liked them and just don't understand why they aren't more famous yet, it reminds me of queen :P Have a look at 2 of their vids i like best:

The Ark - One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young

The Ark - Absolutely No Decorum (Live Grand Prix 2007)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Chatroulette is back :)


Just a short post to tell you Castiel has started on my old blog I hope you guys give him the support you've always given me. We will be working together on these 2 blogs from now on.

Check out this hot video from Teen Boys World:

Teen boys world Luis and tom

feels so good

shy guy on cam

trying to self myself

cute cock and balls


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oi gente amada do Brasil!

Olá povo brasileiro! Sejam bem-vindos ao meu blog e não se esqueçam de voltar sempre! Vocês podem marcar esta página em seus favoritos. For you English people I just said hi :P

usa boy wanking


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thanks for this hottie Eduardo :)

I mean the hottie in this video:

Brazilian Surfer Cute BoY


Friday, February 11, 2011

Could you do something for me :P

Hey guys & girls I hope you like the new layout of this blog, and it's videos. If you like it would you be so kind to click on this button below. It just needs one click that way i will get ranked in the top 5 in no time :)

PLU Gay Blogs


Muscle guy eats his own cum :)

Could he be Right Said Fred :P

muscle guy california eats his own cum

You be the judge :) ha ha he does look like him you have 2 admit that :)

Thanks Cas for these vids below :)

Californian hot guy cums

English boy cums fast then shows his sexy ass

Italian hottie cums fast

Leaving you with Robin Gibb, the song, have a nice weekend, (I might update some more :)


My vids keep popping up all over the web :)

Here's some hotties I recorded in the past, some have been stolen, some even have links in them to other websites, how rude huh :)

big cock

jerking off on cam

lovely lips on cam lol

hung french boy

Like the one above who the hell is that French website owner how dare he steal my old videos, go fuck his mail up. Ha ha ha just kidding don't noooo i am not serious i know i've got loyal fans that now rush to that guys site to spam attack him but please don't i don't want any trouble it old material anyway :P


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow these are hot videos...

Castiel does it again :) If i didn't know better i would think it where my videos :P

Hot hunk from maui

hot boy wank

Muscle Boy wanking

hot boy wanking

Well this one is mine :) Turn up your volume because it gets loud :P

Jake Fucking a guy hard


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think he's happy he won :P

This video makes me so horny :P This guy is wanking on a bus and he cums all over the guy that sits in front of him :)

Guy cums on the guy in front of him in the bus


More Chatroulette :) because you all love it so much..

Thanks to Castiel here are 2 hot chatroulette videos again :P Also there is some news I'm talking with Castiel sometimes and he might be willing to take over It's not sure yet but I will keep you informed :)

English guy cums hot

Boy fingers his ass and cums


Super Horny Aussie wanking

Chech out this Bel Ami hottie :) He's called Adam Archuleta:

Bel Ami Adam Archuleta

Music time :)

Do you guys remember Chumbawamba, I wonder what happened to them I just loved this song Tubthumping. And here are 3 Hot guys pretending they are singing that song :)

I do like the version those 3 boys made using the original soundtrack. Here's Chumbawamba's LIVE version on David Letterman:


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chatroulette videos ??

I Got an email from a guy calling himself Castiel :) (just like the angel in Supernatural) And he told me he has made many videos in the past and still makes new ones on sites like chatroulette. He said he's gonna upload them and hopes i will share some with you guys. Who am I to say no... :P Here's some of his work:

English Boy wanking his big cock

Irish boy cums on his abs

This is a hottie on sogayboy :P

in the bathroom


Time for some Bel Ami fun :)

I have always loved Bel Ami I bet you can tell from all the ads i have on my blog:)
This is a hot scene with 3 of their hottest models. I like one the most you can guess wich one ha ha...

Bel Ami fun


Monday, February 7, 2011

Testing out his webcam :P

He's testing out his new cam :)


Timelapse hottie wanking

It's fun to see a big dick grow that fast :) The guy is kinda cute 2 :P

quite the big cock

Wow look what i found. I could swear i've seen this guy somewhere before on some site with chatvideos :)And they even say it's in HD if you pay them (I can't remember filming in HD :)


This looks rather nice :)

He sais he's straight :P

i m straight

jerking off my big cock

Oww before i'm gonna take my dog out ( he has to poop :) I want you to check out NEON TREES If you haven't heard or seen them yet, I think they are gonna be big :)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hey it's not goodbye it's HELLO :)

OMG you guys don't act so sad on the other blog. I have to make it more clear as usual :) I will still be uploading hot vids here. I will embed hot vids from surfgayvideo just like i have been doing on my other blog, only i will not be making the videos myself anymore. But I have many friends that make even hotter videos :P So don't worry. And yes there will be a change, for instance i like music, old, new whatever and I am gonna post some other stuff here then just porn also, to get more people loving this blog. So don't say this blog is not as good as the old one because i know it's gonna be even better :) Just give me a few weeks to proove it 2 ya.

Starting with this hot video Jamie (the horsehung guy) fucking a really hot boy...

Jamie & Levi fuck Pt1

Jamie & Levi fuck Pt2

Jamie & Levi fuck Pt3


Really hot Cam4 wanker

Thanks Mr. sabatello (my friend :) for uploading this hottie :)

Cute brazilian on CAM4

And I did leave this hot video online :)

Cameron & Xander


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello my dear Porn Lovers

Hello and welcome to my "old" New blog. The reason I am back on my old blog is because i was getting tired with doing the same old trick over and over. I know I disappoint some of you by stopping what I did but it has been fun while it lasted. And don't be upset the fun will remain on this blog only the content will be different. From now on it's gonna be hot pics, hot videos, and sexy stuff send to me by my fans.

I hope you'll all bookmark this blog from now on I promise you you won't regret it.

So let the fun begin :)

And if I wanna post a music video on this blog I will goddamn do so (and yes i will swear on this blog also) :)


Big dick wankers


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